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Back to Earth

Environmental sculpture

stone, steel dividers, collected natural and man-made waste materials.

The 6th "Festival of Festivals" Outdoor Sculpture exhibition, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, Israel, 1999

The site, which was made up of two rather unrelated and neglected strips of land and situated by a busy traffic junction in central Haifa, suggested a horizontal, two-dimensional treatment on the ground level.


The aim was to create a design, which links together the two sites through the suggestion of movement and to add richness of color and texture to an otherwise somewhat bleak and monotonous urban environment.

back to earth - design sketch 2.jpg
back to earth - design sketch 1.jpg

Using stones from a heap of rubble on the site and corrugated steel sheets the ground was divided into an organic pattern of fields of various sizes. With the help of classes of school children the artist then collected in the hills and forests surrounding the town a variety of waste materials, including branches, pine-cones and pine-needles, bark of Eucalyptus trees, palm leaves, gravel, thorns, rusty sheets of metal and empty beer bottles 



The fields were then filled with the collected materials.


These humble material, brought together in a new and surprising context, began to reveal the simple beauty of their colours and textures.


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