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Healing Botanical Garden

design proposal for the garden of an Integrative Medicine Cancer Treatment Ward at a mayor Israeli hospital

Haifa, Israel, 2013

(the project has not been realised)



The artist was commissioned to create a vision for a Healing Botanical Garden for the use of patients and staff of the Integrative Medicine Oncology department. The artist worked in close cooperation with the chief surgeon of the department. The vision was to create an health giving environment that would host the mayor part of more than 100 medicinal plants with healing properties related to the treatment of cancer patients. Apart from displaying and identifying the plants, the vision of the garden was to include:

  • the artistic display of citations from botanical, poetic and religious texts relating to those plants

  • an orchard based on traditional local designs

  • religious, cultural and historical references to the three monotheistic religions represented in Israel

  • metaphoric references to the process of healing

  •   workshop facilities for curative gardening and an outdoor kitchen for the processing of medicinal plants and vegetables.

healing garden sketch .jpg
lin panorama1, red.jpg
map annotated in English for website.png
view of Lin - department exit to garden.jpg
view east - spring garden, acoustic wall, red.jpg

artist's impressions

View of western part of garden, red.jpg

Illustrated fundraising brochure in Hebrew

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