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Natural Playground

design and execution of a natural playground and the enveloping landscape

Harduf, 2004 - 2022, ongoing project

design:       Axel Ewald

execution: Avichai Ronen and Axel Ewald

The Harduf Natural Playground

is an ongoing community project which has organically developed since its inauguration in 2004. The objective of the design is to create a living environment, created out of natural materials, which offers a rich fabric of visual and haptic experiences and encourages free, creative play for children between the ages of 4 and 8. 

The playground elements include - in the projects various stages of development - a water play-garden, elements for climbing and balancing, a labyrinth with a living willow-tunnel, a sand-pit, a wooden railway and ship, swings and slides.

playground-plan for website.jpg
gan mishakim - pond area - view.jpeg
playground - locomotive.jpg

wooden locomotive - artist's impression

playground - ship.jpg

wooden ship - artist's impression


The landscaping is developed to comprise various levels, including a hill with a tunnel, a pond as well as soft and hard landscaping with the aim to create a harmonious, natural and enveloping environment.

playground 2021.png

playground layout - stage 2021


Illustrations of the coming developments:

מגרש משחקים - הדמייה - 1.jpg
מגרש משחקים - הדמייה - 4.jpg
מגרש משחקים - הדמייה - 5.jpg
מגרש משחקים - הדמייה - 2.jpg
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