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carob tree branches, paper, lighting, shadows

Interactive Installation as part of the artist's solo exhibition

"The Soul of Landscape

and Landscapes of the Soul"

at Mirvach Gallery, Israel 2020

The exhibition was made up of two parts: the artistic documentation of the workshop processes - in great part consisting of photographs that the artist took in the course of workshops that the artist conducted as part of his Phd research project - and an installation that the artist created in relation to the gallery space.


This artwork, "Intervals", invites the active involvement and participation of the visitor. The installation suggests a metaphor of the delicate balance and mutual interdependence of living forms in nature and is predestined to change its composition at any moment . Entering its space, the visitor cannot help but interfere with this subtle wholeness. Nonetheless, he is invited to explore - on his own or with others - how to “disturb, influence, respond to, reflect upon, activate .״and enliven the artwork.

Ayeltet in Installation.jpg
interval 1.jpg

Video of the exhibition opening:

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