1977 - 1980 Alanus University of Art and Social Sciences, Bonn, Germany; department of sculpture; diploma in 1980
1980 - 1981 Masterclasses of the sculptors Guenther Mancke and Wilfried Ogilvie
1981 - 1983  Alanus University of Art and Social Sciences; MA in art education, 1983

2013 - 2018 Oxford Brookes University, Oxford,UK, Social Sculpture Research Unit, conducts PhD research project with the title:

                        "Developing Processes for an Imaginative and Connective Engagement with Natural Landscapes"

2018              awarded degree of PhD from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, Great Britain


1993              received grant for artistic research from the Gladys Mayer Memorial Fund, UK

1994.             received the award "Outstanding Immigrant Artist" from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Israel


1991   The Bishop's Palace, Cathedral of Exeter, Great Britain

1994   Ruskin Mill Gallery, Nailsworth, Great Britain.

1997   The New Gallery, Haifa, Israel.

1997   The Studio, Kibbutz Mizra, Israel

2000  Elisabeth Soederberg Gallery, Acco, Israel

2015   The Gallery for Social Art at David Yellin Academic College, Jerusalem

2020  Mirvach Gallery, Harduf, Israel



1990   Johnson Wax Kiln Gallery, Farnham, Great Britain

1992   "Four Seasons Stone" - commission for the Cathedral Garden, Exeter, Great Britain

1994   The Engineshed Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

1995   Amelia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1996   "Passageway", Sculpture Garden for Peace and Coexistence, Kaukab Abu-Elhija, Israel

1996   The Beit Elisha Garden, Beit Elisha Home for young people with special needs, Harduf, Israel

1997   Annual exhibition of the Israel Artists Association, Beit Chagall, Haifa, Israel

1997   Artistic Director, Project "Path of Peace" Environmental Sculpture Path, Kaukab Abu-ElHija, Israel

1998   "The House of the Spring", the 5th "Festival of Festivals" exhibition, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, Israel

1999   "Back to Earth", the 6th "Festival of Festivals" exhibition, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, Israel

2000 "Shifting Fences". "Binnenart" Environmental Sculpture Symposium, Kevelaer, Germany

2000   Water course and entrance design, commission for the Harduf Waldorf School, Israel

2001   Ecological water garden, commission for Yabetz School, Zichron Yaacov, Israel

2002   "I must go down to the Seas again", the 9th "Festival of Festivals exhibition, Wadi Nisnos, Haifa,  Israel

2002   Water Garden, Beit Uri Home School for young people with special needs, Afula, Israel

2002   Ecological water sculpture, Adam School, Jerusalem, Israel

2003   "Murmur of the Valley", "Fete de Mai", international sculpture symposium, Gesves, Belgium

2004   Playground design for the Harduf kindergarten, Kibbutz Harduf, Israel

2005   Water sculpture and garden design, Pisgat Achuza home for the elderly, Haifa, Israel

2007   Initiator, Co-Artistic Director of the "Samania Park for Environmental Art", Israel - an ongoing project

2008   "Poultney River Entrance", community sculpture project, Green Mountain College, Poultney,Vermont, USA

2010   "Environmental Education Garden" -Design for the Harduf Waldorf School, Harduf, Israel - an ongoing project

2011   "Roundabout", community sculpture project, Kibbutz Harduf, Israel

2013   design for Environmental Sculpture, 'Mizpe Marcus', Haifa, Israel, ongoing project

2013   design for therapeutic botanical garden for Lin Hospital, Haifa, Israel, ongoing project

2013   Artist Residency at Michael Hall School, Forest Row, Sussex,  community environmental sculpture project

2015   "Green Campus" - proposal for the International Mediterranean School, Ramat HaSharon, Israel

2016   "Greening Clal", permanent installation as part of artist residency at the "Mirpeset", Muslala Urban Art Centre, Jerusalem

2017   "ökoRAUSCH" festival exhibition, museum for applied arts (MAKK), Cologne, Germany

2017   "Forest Clearing" - social sculpture project as part of "Art Convergence", Philmont, NY, USA

2020  "The Bees Garden" - design of experiential educational garden for the Biodynamic Bees Project, Harduf, Israel


1977 - 1984   Residences in institutions in the realms of drug rehabilitation, special education, prison service and geriatric care

1984 - 1994  Resident in Great Britain

1984 - 1986  Guest lecturer for sculpture and drawing, Tobias School of Art, East Grinstead, Sussex, Great Britain

1984 - 1989  Full time lecturer for sculpture, drawing and art history, Emerson College School of Sculpture, Forest Row, GB

1989 - 1994  Working as a free-lance artist and art instructor, based in Kent and East Lothian, Scotland

1990 - 1994  Co-Founder and regular lecturer at the Life-Science-Trust for Goethean Nature Study and Art

1992 - 1094  Involvement with the founding of the Pishwanton Wood Project for Goethean Science and Art       

1994               Co-Author, "New Eyes for Plants - A Workbook for Plant Observation"Hawthorn Press, Stroud, Gloucestershire

1989 - 1997  Regular guest lecturer at Alanus University of Art and Social Sciences, Germany

1992 - 2010  Frequent guest lecturer at the Rudolf Steiner Institute, USA

1994               Residency at the Ruskin Mill Trust, Stroud, Gloucestershire, environmental sculpture project with young people

1994                moves to Israel, since 1997 resident of Kibbutz Harduf near Nazareth

1994 - 2003 Part time lecturer for sculpture and drawing at the Harduf Waldorf Teacher Seminar

since 1994      Part time lecturer for sculpture and art history at the Harduf Foundation Studies Seminar

since 2003     Founder, director and senior lecturer for sculpture, drawing and art history, The Artways School of Art, Harduf

since 2013      lecturer for sculpture, drawing, stage design and nature studies at David Yellin Academic College, Jerusalem, Israel

since 2017       lecturer for sculpture and drawing at Oranim Academic College, Kiryat Tivon, Israel

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