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Landscape Design
and Environmental Design
of public and private spaces

(selected projects)

Axel Ewald is active as an environmental and landscape designer for schools, communities and local authorities. Many of his designs utilize the properties of flowing water to embue the environment with a sense of life and movement. The artist uses mediterranean plants with low water needs for his designs and often integrates ecological features like biological filters (reedbeds), rainwater collection, use of purified greywater etc.

Harduf master plan - visualization 2 - park, lake and view tw. kindergarden.jpg

Community Development Landscape Plan

development of an overall vision for the development of public open spaces

Harduf community, Israel, 2020-22, ongoing

Rei's beegarden design - map coloured and annotated.jpg

Nectar Garden

design of experiential educational garden for the Biodynamic Bees Project

Harduf, Israel, 2020-21

Harduf small playground 1.jpg

Natural Playground

landscape and playground design

Harduf, Israel, 2004 - 2022, ongoing project


Green Campus

design proposal for the Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS)

Ramat HaSharon, Israel, 2015


Mediterranean Water Garden

design of a private garden with an emphasis on a water course and mediterranean vegetation
Alonei Abba, Israel, 2014

view east - spring garden, acoustic wall.jpg

Healing Botanical Garden

design proposal of a therapeutical botanical garden for an Integrative Medicine Cancer Treatment Ward at a mayor Israeli hospital

Haifa, Israel, 2013

mitzpe marcus.jpg

Mitzpe Markus Viewpoint

design proposal for a public space at the Mitzpe Markus Viewpoint overlooking Haifa Bay

Haifa, Israel, 2013


Harduf Roundabout

community environmental design project

Kibbutz Harduf, Israel 2011

schoolgarden view drawing 5.jpg

Environmental Education Garden

design proposal for the Harduf Waldorf School

(in cooperation with landscape architect Noga Carmel)

Harduf, Israel, 2010


Pisgat Achuza Water Garden

landscape design for the Pisgat Achuza Home for the Elderly

Haifa, Israel, 2005

Harduf Kindergarten 1.jpg

Kindergarden Courtyard

design and realisation of a natural playground for the Kibbutz Harduf kindergarten

Harduf, Israel, 2004

Jerusalem Adam School.jpg

Adam School Water Garden

landscape design for the Adam School schoolyard

Jerusalem, Israel, 2002


Beit Uri Water Garden

healing landscape project for the Beit Uri School for young adults with special needs

Afula, Israel, 2002

Yabetz School.jpg

Educational Water Garden

and schoolyard design​

Yabetz School, Zichron Yaacov,

Israel, 2001


Water Course and Entrance Design

landscape design for Harduf School
Harduf, Israel, 2000

Harduf Community Park.JPG

Community Park and Playground

landscape design, shade structure and playground equipment, design and realisation
Harduf, Israel, 1996


Healing Garden

landscape design for the Beit Elisha Community for Adults with Special Needs
Harduf, Israel, 1996

The Mount flowform top view.jpg

Entrance Design and Water Sculpture

landscape design for The Mount Camphill Community for Children with Special Needs
Kent, UK,  1993

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