Shifting Fences

Environmental sculpture

oak poles, hazelnut branches, manila rope


"Binnenart", International Environmental Sculpture Symposium, Kevelaer, Germany, 2000

This project was one of 12 projects created by artists for the "Binnenart" International Environmental Sculpture Symposium in Kevelaer, Germany. The site is a low-lying meadow in north-western Germany, bordered by a stream which frequently floods the meadow in winter.

But this boat is somewhat different: set at an angle on the sloping bank, it seems to have been launched, as it were, for a journey. And yet, this boat will never float - it is built of stones and firmly anchored to the ground by masses of concrete. This apparent contradiction can give rise to questions and associations, one of them being the expected "launch" of the Middle-Eastern Peace process - which also never really took off ground ...