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I must go down

to the Seas again

Site-specific sculpture

Stone, concrete

The 9th "Festival of Festivals"

open air exhibition,

Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, Israel, 2002

This site-specific sculpture was created for the 9th "Festival of Festivals" open air sculpture exhibition in Wadi Nisnas - a neighbourhood of Haifa with a predominantly Arabic population. The theme of that year's exhibition was "The Mediterranean Sea". The artist chose a neglected and steeply inclined site along the main axis of Wadi Nisnas - leading down to the harbour. He built a boat, not unlike the disused fishermen's boats which can still be found in some of the backyards.

But this boat is somewhat different: set at an angle on the sloping bank, it seems to have been launched, as it were, for a journey. And yet, this boat will never float - it is built of stones and firmly anchored to the ground by masses of concrete. This apparent contradiction can give rise to questions and associations, one of them being the expected "launch" of the Middle-Eastern Peace process - which also never really took off ground ...

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