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Community Landscape Development Plan

development of an overall vision for the public open spaces of the community, including community involvement in the planning process.

Harduf, 2020 - 2022, ongoing project



Axel Ewald was commissioned by the Harduf Community to create a development plan for the public open spaces 'on top of the hill', the heart of the growing Harduf community. This work was to be based on the outcomes of a community design workshop which was initiated and conducted in 2018 by a group of active residents, including the artist. The plan was to take into account the special nature of the Harduf community which is characterised by a spiritual outlook on life, a rich social and cultural life, dedicated therapeutic and educational initiatives and the cultivation of bio-dynamic agriculture and the promotion of principles of sustainability.

community design exercise, Harduf, 2018

landscape dev. plan for website.jpg
total plan - central axix.jpg
plan - eastern part - annotated copy.jpg
visualization 2 - park, lake and view tw. kindergarden.jpg

The planning process includes a detailed survey of the existing landscape and its potential, identification of areas for environmental conservation, attribution of usage to different areas, consideration of areas with potential for future building, design of central and subsidiary routes of pedestrian movement and the provision of parking and recycling facilities. 

The overall aim of the project is to enliven the public spaces and to strike a balance between green, meditative, park-like spaces and areas encouraging and facilitating a variety of cultural, social and agricultural outdoor activities.

This is to include areas for the activities of different age-groups, an area for small-scale craft activities and sale of locally produced goods, a space for outdoor performances, areas for growth of medicinal herbs, a community orchard and a community vegetable garden.

park area with lake - artist's impression

visualization 1 - Gan Axel - pond and hill.jpg

family activities area - artist's impression

highschool work.JPG
central axis.JPG

Specific sections of the plan have already been implemented, some with help of youth studying at the local upper school.

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