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Community Park and Playground

landscape design, shade structure and playground equipment - design and realisation.

Kibbutz Harduf, Israel, 1996




In 1995 the artist was invited by the Kibbutz Harduf Community to create a vision for a community playground and park to be developeed in an open area situated in the centre of the community. The artist

set out to create an inspiring environment which would appeal to all the senses and provide rich experiences of the four elements - earth, water, air and fire. This vision embraced the overall landscaping of the area, including the creation of a hill and a water playground, various shade providing structures and individually shaped play-sculptures for children. The initial large-scale vision was gradually transformed into a more condensed plan which met the needs and financial possibilities of the community.

Successful fundraising allowed the realization of the major part of theproject to be launched in 1996. Over the course of two years the artist worked on the various features of the park. He was supported by groups of young volunteers from Germany as well as by members of the Harduf community during a number of community workdays.

The elements which were eventually completed include the landscaped hill with a tunnel, a large, artistically shaped wooden shade structure, a unique "dancing" seesaw-swing - allowing both swinging and turning movement and various other playground equipment. 

The wooden shade structure was built by the artist with the help of Tamir Mor.

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