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Mitzpe Marcus Viewpoint

design proposal for a public space at the Mitzpe Markus viewpoint overlooking Haifa Bay

Haifa, Israel, 2013



mitzpe marcus background.jpg

Mitzpe Markus is an important viewpoint on the edge of a Haifa residential neighbourhood, built on the westernmost part of the Carmel Mountain ridge and overlooking Haifa Bay and Haifa Harbour. The artist was approached by a neighbourhood initiative which had taken on bringing about a public garden in a patch of open land left over by a residential development.

The artist’s design relates to the features of the places and especially to the spectacular panoramic view of the rounded shape of Haifa Bay. It strives to create a pleasant and inviting public space which combines a feeling of movement with a quiet and meditative inner space.

mitzpe marcus - model 2.jpg
mitzpe marcus - model 1.jpg

The design consists of three elements:

  • Two low, curved and slated stone walls, which are situated at the two ends of the design and contain raised beds for planting.

  • In the centre of the elliptic space an elliptic sunk area is filled with pebbles, into which a number of large boulders are placed.

  • Four interlocking sculptural shade structures cover the central space in a dynamic fashion, both providing shade and – in their spatial gesture – opening the vista towards the panoramic view of Haifa Bay. Benches are integrated in the intervals between the wooden supporting poles of these structures.

mitzpe marcus - plan annotated.jpg
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