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Nectar Garden

design of an educational garden dedicated to the endangered honey bee, commissioned by the Bio-dynamic Bee Project

Harduf, design: 2020 - 2021,

project awaiting realisation



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The Biodynamic Beekeeping Project was established in 2014 with the aim of helping bees fulfil their roles in the world in a space that is protected as much as possible. Some years later the Nectar Grove as part of the Israelis Honey Council's national projects. About 400 trees and various shrubs of various types and species, all of them known as nectar-rich plants were planted in the grove.


The Nectar Garden is a living and breathing centre designed to allow humans to become acquainted with bee activity in an artistic and experiential way. The role of the garden is to be both an information centre and an educational centre adapted to different ages. The garden has been designed in such a way as to support and strengthen the life forces of the place. In addition to being a garden of nectar-rich herbs, it also includes information about bees and honey, examples of unique hives, corners for observation and experimentation as well as a water system and observation sites. The design aims to promote and integrate values ​​of biodynamic agriculture, sustainable beekeeping and environmental art.


impressions from the scale model


Illustrated fundraising brochure in Hebrew

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