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Reclaiming the Soul of Landscape and Reclaiming Landscape for the Soul

Practice Based PhD Research Project

in the field of Social Sculpture

Oxford Brookes University, 2013 -2018

Axel Ewald’s PhD research project in the field of Social Sculpture with the formal title "Developing Processes for an Imaginative and Connective Engagement with Natural Landscapes" was presented at Oxford Brookes University in 2018. The research project was founded on the assumption that the material-scientific paradigm, which - to a great extent - still governs our relationship to nature, conditions us to regard all life forms as mere natural resources that can be exploited for the benefit of human beings. At the same time, the ecological crisis of our time, which no longer is a matter of dispute, also offers an opportunity for a profound transformation of consciousness.

The research focused on the design and testing of innovative workshop processes, which were built on the artist’s expertise as an environmental sculptor and facilitator of experiential nature workshops. The aim of the workshops was to develop alternative strategies for engendering a more empathic relationship to natural landscape. Participants were invited to observe landscape with an open mind and embark on a creative dialogue with their object of observation - built on listening, recognition and respect.

An article summarising the aims, objectives, methodology and findings of the research can be found here


The full Reflective Commentary of the PhD project can be found here         

Video of the exhibition opening:

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